MrRcSound TT-25 Tranducers

MrRcSound TT-25 Tranducers
MrRcSound TT-25 Tranducers
MrRcSound TT-25 Tranducers
MrRcSound TT-25 Tranducers
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The TT-25s can be purchase seperately to be used in conjunction with a base unit which can be purchase HERE

If you are purchasing this unit by itself please select $10 for shipping option.

If you are buying this unit with the Base unit, choose Combine Free Shipping option.

NO NEED to cut HOLES FOR SPEAKERS! This system is speakerless! using ultra light 85g, 50mm diametre & 25mm thick TT-25 transducers which effectively transforms the entire fuselage into a speaker system by resonating the sound through it. 

The TT-25 simply needs a flat spot of foam inside the plane or vehicle to attach to, approximately 25mm.  Since the airframe acts as the speaker, there is no need to cut the foam, mount speakers, or cover them.  The TT-25 is literally, peel, stick and play!

Ease of install: Install time for the whole unit went from probably over an hour to cut and mount the speakers to less than 10 minutes for the whole system to be mounted and ready to go. The MrRCSound is simply the fastest to install, and easiest to use R/C sound system on the market.

No dead spots:  Speakers are fairly directional in production of sound waves.  This means that even with 2 speakers, some orientations of flight may lead to sound dead spots, or diminished volume.  With the TT-25, the airframe is the speaker, so it significantly reduces those dead spots.

More rugged:  Since there is no paper cone, the TT-25 should be more rugged than a speaker, and less likely to be damaged in a crash.

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